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Christmas Trees
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True Family Fun
True Family Fun
True Family Fun
Choose From Several Beautiful hand crafted Ornaments!! These Low Pre-Season Sale Prices will NOT Last Forever, Order NOW!!!

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Beautiful hand crafted Ornaments - Varsovia

Varsovia was founded in 1991 by Tomasy Poddebski. Tom came to the U.S. from Poland in the early 1980's and began to think of traditional Polish products that he could market in the U.S. Tom began importing hand made ornaments in the Polish tradition and America fell in love with them. Today, Tom designs all of the ornaments in his Varsovia line and they are made in Poland to his exacting standards. Tom's uniquely designed, handmade ornaments have been cherished in many thousands of American homes. Nothing beats the artistic impression that these unique handmade glass ornaments can make.

At Truefamilyfun make your tree sparkle. Have a one of a kind Christmas.

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Ornaments that Dazzle & Delight - Arreola

Meticulous Precision, Fanciful Inspiration and Unique refinement, these are just a few of the many qualities Arreola Designs company founder and chief designer Ewa Arreola brings to each of the handmade glass ornaments she manufactures in Poland, her birthplace. Since launching her company in 2001, Arreola has created literally hundreds of stunning ornament designs that echo the lines, shapes, patterns and colors of classic European artwork. "The inspiration for my work comes from both architecture and jewelry," remarks Arreola.

The decision to launch the business stemmed from the responses of friends and family to ornaments Arreola and her husband brought back to the United States after a trip to Poland. "Everyone loved them," recalls Arreola. "Before long we were actually getting requests for them. That convinced us of the market opportunity."

Working with five different manufacturing partners, Arreola Designs blends the classicism of old world forms and figures with the eye-catching modern colors and motifs. As a Polish-speaking business person, she has had a distinct advantage as she has forged business relationships in Poland.

Over the years Arreola's designs have become works of art. Her discriminating line of hand-made ornaments includes Faberge-style eggs, ornaments, angels, snowmen and her signature butterflies. All are designed by Arreola, hand blown, hand painted and some are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Her inspired designs and timeless quality make her creations stand out from the norm of inexpensive and forgettable Christmas products.
Twister Ornament 6 Pack
Twister Ornament 6 Pack
  • Hand blown by our master craftsmen in Poland
  • Hand painted and decorated
  • Each measure 3" tall
  • Set of 6 - two of each ornament pictured
Teardrop Ornament 6 Pack
Teardrop Ornament 6 Pack
  • Hand blown and decorated glass ornaments
  • Hand painted using only the finest paints and glitters
  • Set includes 6 ornaments - 2 of each ornament pictured
  • 3.5" tall from the bottom tip to the top of the hanging loop
Metallic Grapevine Ornament 6 Pack
Metallic Grapevine Ornament 6 Pack
  • Hand-blown and painted European ornaments
  • 6 unique variations on the "grapevine" theme
  • Set of 6 ornaments
  • Each measuring 4" tall
European Vintage Sampler Ornament 6 Pack
European Vintage Sampler Ornament 6 Pack
  • Spectacular handmade ornaments in classic designs
  • Hand-blown and decorated by master Polish artisans
  • Set of 6 ornaments
Arreola Egg - Rain Drops - Teal
Arreola Egg - Rain Drops - Teal
  • Designed by Ewa Arreola
  • Hand made in the finest Polish tradition
  • Decorated with beautiful Swarovski® Topaz Crystals
  • Make thoughtful and unique gifts
Arreola Egg - Curly Ribbon - Red
Arreola Egg - Curly Ribbon - Red
  • Created by master designer Ewa Arreola
  • The Curly Ribbon is made in the finest Polish tradition
  • Decorated with beautiful Swarovski® fine opals
  • Makes a unique and memorable gift
Egg Stand
Egg Stand
  • Attractive Way To Display Your Egg On Any Flat Surface
Swallowtail Butterfly Ornament
Swallowtail Butterfly Ornament
  • Free blown & hand painted
  • Butterflies are designer Ewa Arreola's signature creations
  • Made by hand with the finest of Polish customs
  • Makes a stunning Christmas gift
  • Approx 5¼" wide & 3½" tall